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Use the correct collars and leads Carry tissues and plastic bags to clean up accidents. Use a ball or similar toy for play and be considerate to the general public. Respect and Understand the dog Laws.

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Consider the breed of dog you wish to own?

Will it fit in with your family who will train it?

Have you the time it needs to be become a well behaved part of the family?

Don’t assume that once your dog knows the exercises that training is complete, to achieve results train regularly as part of your daily routine little and often is best

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Don’t worry if the dog does not get the idea straight away or seems confused Stop and play with your dog and check your teaching and training rather than blaming the dog

Groom your dog at least twice a week to keep your dog in good condition it acts as a social exercise helping to control the dogs behaviour as well as checking for problems which may need treatment

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Train in different places. The dog will not necessarily know that your instruction is the same in differing surroundings teach in a pleasant, positive manner. Dogs learn from good habits

Don’t allow you dog to dictate what happens on a day to day basis or when training. You are the pack leader and reward dog as the dog is performing the exercise you  have asked it to do

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Don’t use differing words or actions until you have perfected your technique using them correctly. Otherwise your dog will learn to ignore your commands rather than obey

Do not reward or reprimand our dog after a failed exercise has finished as it will associate this with the task it has just done. Don’t lose your temper as this shows lack of control and the dog will not learn under pressure

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Our experiences over a number of years is that if dogs are treated in a kind yet firm manner with out harsh handling they become the owners best friend friend.

It is important  the owner observing the dogs behaviour accepting what the owners find pleasing and stopping those traits which are disruptive both in the home and out and about.

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